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What are Private clients

At several firms in London they aim to work for a wide range of clients, including both small independent
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Easy dentist tips to avoid gum disease

A number of studies have established intricate links between numerous medical conditions from heart disease to cancer and the
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Why the Invisalign cost in London is worth it

Dental treatments can be expensive sometimes and if there are a lot of them required then the bill can
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Dangers of DIY teeth whitening

For many patients simple dental procedures such as teeth whitening can make all the difference in changing the way
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Your questions about cosmetic dentistry answered by cosmetic dentists in Harley Street

Cosmetic dentistry has never been more popular. Everyone and their mothers seem to be having implants fitted, whitening procedures
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A new smile in a single visit

With the advances in digital scanning, higher magnification and modern technology, dentists are able to take advantage and use
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of improving one’s smile with the help of certain treatments. This can involve a
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SAT in the UK

For many people in the UK, the prospect of studying abroad in the US can be extremely exciting and
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Patient entertainment?

Whether a patient describes themselves as nervous or has a fear of the dentist, or whether they simply find
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How does dental tourism work?

People may have heard the stories of people going abroad for plastic surgery or dental care to benefit from
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