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Forced marriage law is failing

Only one in 30 suspected forced marriages in England is leading to a prosecution.
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The marriage dilemma: Is infidelity inevitable?

This summer, should newlyweds across the land vow to take a reality check on monogamy? Sixteen years into her
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‘We’re not ruling out having a baby’

Hockey players Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh became stars at the Rio Olympics. Here for the first time, the gold
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The French guide to dating

The star of Channel 4’s First Dates offers some expert advice
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Why ‘brutal’ divorce laws must change

Family lawyer Ayesha Vardag is joining calls for a better way to end marriage
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Feminist outcry as mother tells female students to find a man while they can

The young men of Princeton’s Class of 2014 are midway through an Ivy League education at one of America’s
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How much do you fantasise about divorce?

Inquiries about divorce rise in January. But even if you’re only wondering what life would be like without your
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Cheating and the happy marriage: a new understanding of adultery

If someone has an affair, we assume that there’s something dramatically wrong with their relationship. However, there’s a new
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