The sky is the limit – keep this in mind and never stop fighting for what you truly deserve. This blog is created to help you go through the hardships you might face, keep faith in yourself and finally reach your “happily ever after”. Check out my story to see that it’s real.

Rachel Jenkins


I have created this website as a place to cover the more relevant of subjects for women, offering help, advice and guidance in every important part of life. I want this to be the website that women will visit to find the encouragement they need to live a happier and more positive lifestyle. Ultimately, my goal is to celebrate the achievements of women the world over!

I Would Value Your Contributions

In developing this website, I have ensured that anybody can contribute to it and get involved in its wide growing community. If you feel you can help other women in similar situations to yourself, get in touch with me to discuss your ideas. A community is only as good as its members and, if every member contributes, ours will be one of ultimate fulfillment.

Positive Feedback is Always Encouraged

Alternatively, if you feel there is any area of the website which needs some improvement, or perhaps a refresh or revamp, please don’t hesitate to let me know. We all develop better as human beings when we receive positive reinforcement and encouragement. By offering your positive feedback, I can continue to create a website which you, and thousands of other visitors, will be happy and confident to engage with.

Utilising My Psychology Expertise

With a degree and vast experience in the field of psychology, I am often asked for further advice on all psychological matters. If you feel that this is a service that you would benefit from, I would be honoured to offer you further guidance.

I work with a wide range of clients, both individuals and businesses, offering several services, so if you would like to access something similar, please get in touch with me to discuss your needs in more detail.

Offering Services That Will Benefit My Visitors

After considering the matter in some depth, I decided that monetizing this website would be a great step forward for its development. What this has meant is that the advertisements that you continue to see placed around the website generate a small income, which allows me to further work on improving the content of the site. However, I soon understood that these adverts could contribute to visitor fulfillment, if they were carefully chosen, to offer relatable products and services to the needs of the women who regularly use this website.

If you are a company who can offer my visitors reputable and relevant products or services, you too could benefit from advertising on the website. This is a progressive website with a huge community of intelligent women who appreciate companies that can offer solutions for a better way of life.

For any enquires of any nature, please contact me using the contact form below.