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Rachel Jenkins

3 Signs You Should Use a Tie Bar Instead of a Tie Pin

Tie fastenings are coming back in a big way. Until the last couple of years, they were considered outdated, something you’d be more likely to see in a film from the fifties than on the tube during your morning commute. However, all that is changing. People are now recognising the benefits that come with securing their tie, and they’ll usually use either a tie pin or a tie bar.

There’s no right option for everyone, but different fasteners suit different situations. Here are just three signs you should use a tie bar instead of a tie pin.

  1. You’re Piercing a Lighter Fabric

The problem with tie pins is that they are invasive – you’ll actually be piercing them whenever you want to fasten your tie. This isn’t such an issue if you’re wearing a thicker tie, but ties that use a thinner fabric suffer from holes that cannot be so easily massaged away. As such, a tie clip should serve you better. They’re also a little better at holding heavier fabrics in place – tie pins, though they keep a tie secure, lean more towards aesthetic rather than practical purposes.

  1. You’re Wearing a Favourite Tie

Maybe you’re wearing a tie that’s nice and thick, one that isn’t going to show any visible mark from a tie pin. That’s great, but you might still want to use a clip if the tie is one of your favourites. If this is a tie you treasure and want to keep using for years to come, there’s no sense in piercing it.

  1. You Want to Look Professional

You’re far more likely to see a tie clip in the office than you are during a night at the theatre. That’s no coincidence; in general, a tie clip is seen as more professional than a tie pin. Again, it comes down to practicality vs. appearance. Though wearing one can certainly highlight your good taste, a tie clip is mainly functional. In contrast, tie pins are more decorative. If you’re heading out to meet a client or attending an important interview, lose the tie pin in favour of a tie clip.