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Worried about the titanium in dental implants?

Common concerns about titanium are answered here So, you have lost a tooth or some teeth and are looking
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Looking for Invisalign in Weybridge

One of the most common problems when it comes to the oral health of adults in the UK are
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Why fix your smile?

Adults are now more conscious of having straight and aligned teeth due to social media influence and from watching
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Let a dentist in Soho realign your oral health

Smiles on the rise The unprecedented nature of the past year has left a lot of people struggling to
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The need to know about dental implants in Leicester

Having a missing tooth can affect an individual in a number of ways. Thankfully, many dental practices now offer
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There is a solution available

For those people who have missing teeth, there is a long term solution available to ensure that their smiles
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Considering having a tooth pulled? Advantages that fillings have over extractions

So, you’ve attended a dental check-up and have been told you need a filling, not the best news. If
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Root canal treatment

Infections can occur in the teeth at any time, and this can be very painful and hard to deal
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Also known as full mouth reconstruction, full mouth rehabilitation is a dental procedure facilitated to correct a range of
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Unsuitable for traditional dental implants? A brief guide to subperiosteal options

It can be a disheartening experience to attend a dental consultation exploring oral implants, only to be told that
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