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8 Ultimate Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

Did you know that molds can end the life of your property? Yes, that’s true. If you allow molds to grow inside your home, they can destroy everything: floors, ceilings, attics, and even your basement. Fixing mold damage is a prohibitive cost. However, if you know the essential tips to prevent molds, we can at least save time and money against this pesky fungus.

Molds are one of the most dangerous organisms that can wreck your house as well as your wellness. Today, we will provide ten ultimate tips you need to prepare to combat molds inside your home.

Eight Ultimate Tips to Battle House Molds

  • Manage Your Indoor Temperature

Molds always love hot and humid temperatures. That’s why we need to ensure that our living space provides sufficient ventilation. Make sure the air circulates appropriately to your house, and unhealthy air must need to discharge outside your property using an exhaust fan.

  • Choose the Right Size for Your Air Con Unit

Choosing the proper size for your a/c is essential to maintain the adequate temperature inside your property. Make sure to check the floor area of your home to determine what size of a/c is right for your living space.

  • Regulate the Humidity

We suggest that you install a hygrometer. It is an instrument that helps you track the humidity level inside your home. We need to maintain the humidity level between 30 to 50 percent so that we cannot attract molds inside your home.

  • Eliminate Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is the breathing grounds of molds. That’s because it creates enough moisture, especially if the area is mixed with warm air and cold space such as the basement and bathroom. 

  • Repair Any Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks may also contribute to mold growth. Make sure to inspect all your water lines and repair any possible leaks. You can check under your sink, bathtub, and ceiling areas.

  • Remove Cluttered Items

Clutter things can block the airflow and prevent your AC system from circulating correctly. Once your a/c system doesn’t have a proper air cycle, it will create condensation, which is the primary source of molds. That’s why you need to clean your living space every day.

  • Close the Window and Door When Your A/C is On

When you’re running an A/C, we recommend closing all your doors and windows. It will prevent hot air from passing inside your home, which causes moisture and condensation. These mixtures are the breathing ground of molds; that’s why we need to prevent it.

  • Call Mold Experts

If you want a quick and effective solution to end the mold formation inside your house ultimately, we strongly suggest that you call mold remediation experts. They are highly trained in these kinds of situations and can end your mold problem in no time.

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