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Rachel Jenkins

A new smile in a single visit

With the advances in digital scanning, higher magnification and modern technology, dentists are able to take advantage and use these systems to great benefit for both themselves and their patients.

One of the biggest complaints that people have regarding the dental system is the time that it may take between diagnosis and completion of treatment. It can sometimes take weeks for dentists to receive crowns, inlays or veneers back from the laboratory after sending away moulds to create the necessary protection for a patient’s teeth.

In the meantime, patients need to make do with temporary replacements which can disrupt healing time and their everyday lives. During this time, patients need to be aware of what they eat and how they act in order to minimise the potential damage that could occur should the temporary crown be dislodged. Issues with temporary crowns can lead to problems with the accurate application of the final crown.

Not to mention, all of this takes precious time and money away from the patient, making the entire experience less than enjoyable and more than likely, stressful. The dentist in Buckinghamshire has therefore invested in revolutionary machinery that can take away the waiting time that is generally associated with any kind of crown, inlay or veneer that needs to be applied to one or several of a patient’s teeth for restorative or cosmetic care.

Cerec is a machine that can make precise and exact permanent crowns, veneers and inlays within thirty minutes of a scan so that patients can benefit from having lasting treatment all in one visit.

How is this possible?

Not every patient in today’s day and age has the ability to visit the dentist several times for a single concern. Therefore, a lot of research has been invested in the creation of this machine, just one of the many ways in which dentists are creating easy pathways for their patients to acquire the smile of their dreams.

Not only is it extremely convenient, but the materials that are used in this machine are immensely durable as it works with very strong, tooth coloured ceramic which is the closest possible material to the composition of the natural tooth structure.

The final product is chemically bonded to the natural tooth, allowing the dentist to be able to save as much of the original, healthy tooth tissues as they can. The end result is a dental restoration that protects and strengthens the tooth quickly and easily.

Patients can rest assured knowing that the durability of the final product is guaranteed, providing that they care for their teeth in an appropriate manner. It is a chance for people to be able to get the treatment that they need without needing to wait for several weeks, visit the dentist more than is necessary or needing to experience numbing or anaesthetic more than they would otherwise need to.

A healthier option for the patient, giving them more freedom, without needing to spend so much on dental treatments is just one way that dentists are providing a revolutionary kind of care for their patients.