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Aiming to unlock the power of your smile with clear braces in Birmingham?

Join the trend

Never before has getting braces been so popular. What some of us may remember as a dreaded undertaking from our school days, has now become something which is widely sought out by patients of all ages. This new breed of brace enthusiasts however are not seeking out traditional, fused metal braces – but rather opting for the cosmetic alternative. Through clear braces in Birmingham, more and more patients are unlocking the true, natural beauty of their smiles and increasing both their oral health and their self-esteem. If you feel that your smile could be enhanced and enriched through cosmetic orthodontic alignment, then take the first step towards a new you and contact your local cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Benefits of cosmetic braces

Traditional, fused metal braces have not always been held in the highest esteem because of the effect and impact that they can have on the way a patient looks. Having to wear a fused, clearly visible metal brace for as long as twelve months often drives away those who could benefit from seeking treatment. This attitude is particularly prevalent in regard to young adults and teenagers, as they may be somewhat more image conscious and subject to external forces. Nowadays however, patients of all ages can achieve a straighter and healthier looking smile through a treatment method that leaves no impact on the way they look. The long-term benefits of undergoing such a treatment extend far beyond the more obvious, cosmetic, advantages. Having straighter teeth typically greatly reduces a patient’s likelihood of contracting a bacterial infection such as periodontal disease. This is because there are less spaces between teeth where food particles and harmful bacteria can become lodged. Also, a patient’s breath is usually fresher if they have straighter teeth as, again, there is less of a change of a bacterial build-up.

How do they work?

Cosmetic orthodontic aligners, like the Invisalign method, have only really emerged over the last few decades. Within that time however, they have grown to become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, as well as orthodontics as a whole. The reason behind this popularity, it is generally thought, is because of the freedoms that the procedure affords its patients. Where traditional forms of orthodontics rely on brackets that are fused directly to a patient’s teeth and metal connecting wires to align a patient’s teeth, the Invisalign method only uses a removable retainer. This retainer is created out of a specialised plastic named SmartTrack, and is made from an impression of each patient’s unique tooth shape. When it is worn, the retainer fits over the patient’s teeth so perfectly that it blends in completely – rendering it almost invisible. This, amongst other reasons, is one of the main appeals of this method. Another advantage is that the Invisalign method is generally deemed to be far more comfortable than conventional braces, and can be removed periodically throughout treatment. Unlike fused braces, the Invisalign retainer can be removed whenever the patient wishes – such as opting to remove the retainer when eating, or posing for a photograph. This way, patients’ lives are completely unaffected by their orthodontic work in all aspects – except the brightening of their smile.