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Are you a landlord in the UK in 2020? A brief guide to your safety responsibilities

So, you’ve just renovated your first property and are now eagerly awaiting for your new tenants to arrive; how exciting!

Whether this is your first or fiftieth property, being a landlord in the UK is a big responsibility. You have to ensure that all of the tenants in your home are safe, while also making sure that the equipment or white goods that you have supplied to them are fit for purpose. And with the government adding to your list of responsibilities all the time, it can be a very challenging career option!

But, don’t worry! If you need help with the basic safety aspects of your new property, there are many contractors available to help you. While it is important to keep your wits about you when choosing one, a reliable electrical contractor, like MM Electrical in London, can really reduce some of the stress of renting out properties.

Back to the daunting bit; what are your responsibilities as a landlord in the UK in 2020 in relation to safety?


It goes without saying that if you are renting your property out privately in the UK, you are in charge of any inspections that take place before your new tenants move in.

Of course, this means you will need to hire an electrical contractor like MM Electrical from London to conduct the inspection. However, if they are not in the related area that your property is in, you will need to do a local search of electricians. For example, services such as Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting / Electricians in Newton may be available, however, you may need to look closer to home.

In essence, this will typically involve each self-contained property that you are responsible for being inspected by a trained and competent electrician. In some cases, they may provide you with an EICR Report to prove that your property is safe or suggest how you can improve it. If you have had to rewire the property, then it is worth investing in two separate inspections from different companies to check that the wiring is safe, to ensure that if there is an issue in the future, your back is covered.


While this may vary depending on the type of property you are letting out (furnished, part-furnished or unfurnished), any white goods like washing machines, ovens, and electrical showers will need to be first hand.

It can be tempting to cut corners and purchase second-hand goods, but this comes with the risk of not having a safe appliance or an up-to-date warranty with the goods. Always purchase first-hand items to ensure that your tenants and your property remain safe.


You have just had a safety inspection conducted by a contractor like MM Electrical near London and you have been given a certificate. Congratulations!

Remember, it is your job as a landlord to keep all of these records, reports and other documentation in a safe place; even when you undertake a new inspection next year, you will still need to keep hold of the older certificates, to show you that you have always had inspections carried out.


When a tenant reports an electrical issue, it is your responsibility to ensure it gets repaired promptly.

Many landlords hire an electrical contractor who offers all services, including emergency repairs, for a fixed-yearly rate, so in the event of an emergency it is always worth having a contractor who can fix any issues on the same day.