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Been told you need braces as an adult? The benefits of clear and invisible aligners over metal braces

When you are told you require braces, regardless of your age, it can feel like the bottom has dropped out of your world!

Many people envision having large, metal braces on the fronts of their teeth and decide to say ‘no’ before their dentist has finished explaining the benefits of the aligner.

While there are benefits to wearing a traditional aligner as an adult, it is worth knowing that there are other options available too. Indeed, many adults who undertake orthodontic work may choose to use either invisible braces, like Invisalign, or clear braces in Harley Street, to help them get that straighter smile!

But do clear braces in Harley Street offer any real benefits over traditional aligners? Yes, they do!


While some of these braces may be fitted to your teeth with clear brackets, the majority of braces used in adult dentistry are removable.

This means you can take them out to consume food, brush your teeth or even during sports. However, be aware that your dentist will advise you to wear them for a set number of hours each day and failure to do so may slow the treatment time down. So, always ensure that you have put them back in!

Better oral health

Orthodontic braces can attract plaque to difficult to reach areas, like underneath the wires, which can lead to decay or periodontal disease.

As cosmetic braces are removable, you can maintain a higher level of oral health while wearing them, as there will be fewer spots to miss during brushing and flossing.Comfortable

For cosmetic braces to work, you will need to wear them for a set period each day. Most dentists recommend wearing them for a minimum of 22 hours per day, which means that you will have to sleep in them.

Not to worry! If you have an Invisalign brace, it will be custom-fitted to your teeth and will be made from a malleable but sturdy plastic that fits over your teeth perfectly. As Invisalign has no metal wires or brackets, there is no risk of protrusion against the inner cheek, so you will be able to wear it with ease as you sleep.

Faster treatment

Who doesn’t want straighter teeth sooner?

When you choose a clear or invisible brace, there is the added bonus of having an accelerated treatment time. This is due to the way these braces work in comparison to orthodontic alternatives.

Orthodontic braces move the top of the tooth (the crown) and the root at different stages in treatment. Cosmetic braces, however, move them both at the same time, creating a faster treatment time and creating less discomfort.


As an adult, you want any dental work you have performed to be discreet, especially if your job involves heading lots of meetings or speaking.

If you are suitable for a cosmetic brace, there will be minimal to no noticeable change to the appearance of your teeth, allowing you to go about your daily routine without drawing unwanted stares.