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Braces for adults without the hassle

When one thinks of braces in St. John’s Wood, there may be a general idea of gangly teens with metal tracks in their mouth grinning from a high school photo. As an adult, that image is not at all appealing, not to mention the discomfort of going through this correction therapy and the time that traditional orthodontics take.

Why then are the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments on the rise? The simple answer is that society has placed more emphasis on the importance of personal aesthetics than ever before; with this potential pressure coming from social media. Exposure to more attractive looking people with lovely smiles, not only in the form of celebrities but with peers as well, many people in their 20’s and 30’s are taking the opportunity to enhance their looks because of the more recent availability of secret orthodontics and invisible braces in St. John’s Wood.

What can orthodontics do for adults?

The desire to reach an aesthetic ideal is not the only factor influencing adults to seek out orthodontic appliances and treatments; society’s increase in a desire to be healthy may too influence their decision making:

While the general consensus is that it is best to fix tooth alignment as a teen while the bones are still growing, many adults who seek similar treatments are coming away with outstanding results, not only for cosmetic but medical concerns too. Tooth decay and gum disease can occur when teeth are not properly cleaned, if teeth are crowded or overlap each other, difficulties in cleaning may be presented. While chewing and swallowing difficulties may occur when teeth do not come together properly due to a misalignment of the jaw, this problem is called malocclusion, or a ‘bad bite.’. Poor tooth alignment may even go as far as creating a speech impediment making it difficult to pronounce certain words and can put stress on chewing too, making the jaw muscle strain and even causing facial pain. Getting your tooth alignment fixed could be one of how the problems related to speech and teeth and gum-related diseases can be prevented. Invisalign or braces could be alternatives to choose from while opting for a tooth alignment. Getting in touch with a dentist in Lincoln NE (like Rallis and Bonilla Orthodontics and similar others) could be a wise decision if you live in the county.

Fixing tooth alignment may prevent a multitude of issues in the future as well as enhance one’s own aesthetic, adults seeking this kind of treatment have the option of doing it with discretion.

The benefits of adult braces

It is possible to straighten smiles without anyone knowing, with current revolutionary orthodontic treatments that use 3D computer imaging technology, it is possible to fit clear aligners that will move a patient’s teeth in small increments until the desired result is reached.

The benefits of using clear aligners include; they are comfortable and virtually invisible, they can be removed for eating and brushing teeth, the average treatment time may be less than a year giving patients a new smile in less time than traditional braces. Discomfort is minimal as patients may fit a new aligner every 1-2 weeks by themselves at home with a dentist visit only necessary only every 6-8 weeks.

With the freedom of the confidence that this invisible cosmetic enhancement involves, there comes the benefit of a healthier mouth giving patients peace of mind that they are being their best selves.