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Rachel Jenkins

Children and divorce

Family solicitors in Portsmouth understand the impact that a separation can have on children, especially if the separation is lengthy and bitter.  By focusing on the needs of the children and making their requirements a priority, there comes a point where the legal process can centre around them.  Lawyers stress that a child’s wellbeing should be of the utmost importance for every party involved.

There are several things parents, other family members, and other professionals who are associated with divorce proceedings, can do to help a child during this time.  They undoubtedly have many emotions, just like their parents do.  It is critical to minimise disruption to their normal routine, and to confine negativity to private places where they are not privy to outbursts of emotion, in order to reduce any lasting emotional damage.

As divorce is a relatively common occurrence, couples should learn to deal proactively with the situation rather than get caught up in feelings of guilt and stress regarding the impact that these decisions have on their children.  By leading by example, the natural ebbs and flows of life can be gradually resumed by children and other family members alike.

This more understanding and accepting nature should be adopted by both parties if possible.  Of course this can be difficult, but lawyers are highly trained and prepared to assist their clients in working through these emotions.

What are some common questions?

Obviously, frequently asked questions regarding divorce generally are centered around the wellbeing of any children involved.  This is a point of interest that both parties can agree upon, even if they struggle to agree on the finer points of the child’s wellbeing.  However, when the two parties can commit to resolving their dispute in a constructive way, it works out to be more beneficial for everyone involved.

It helps if couples agree to reach an agreement regarding who the children should live with quickly, and establish a routine for them. The parent the children will not be living with should be given rights to see their children at a convenient time for everyone. Whatever the reasons for the separation, children are entitled to see both of their parents if they are not put in any harm by doing so.

What if it isn’t so straightforward?

If the two parties are unable to reach an agreement for the children between themselves in discussions, then they may need to seek the advice of an Arizona Family Law attorney (or the ones elsewhere). He would be able to offer alternative options such as mediation. If this doesn’t seem to work, the ultimate option would be legal proceedings in the court.

Lawyers are also able to support their clients by representing them in these situations, should it be too stressful for their client to be in the same room as the other party. This can help with reducing emotional outbursts, and leave the client in a better mental state to continue life as normal.

By providing expert advice and representation for all parents negotiating a divorce, and the subsequent matters regarding any children involved, a fair and just solution can be made to benefit all parties involved.