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Clear braces Clapham for a beautiful, healthy smile

The last few decades have seen the introduction of a range of different braces to help straighten teeth comfortably, conveniently and discreetly. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, then you will need to speak to your dentist in Clapham and find out what options are available to you at the practice. Straightening your teeth is important for improving the appearance of your smile and your dental health. By straightening your teeth, you can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Not only are these issues uncomfortable, painful and distressing, but eventually, they can also cause tooth loss. Missing teeth can have a huge impact on your life and your overall well-being. To help prevent these issues, you will need to speak to your dentist and find out about clear braces Clapham.

There is a range of clear braces Clapham that you can choose from according to your dental requirements and personal preferences. When you book an appointment with your dentist, you will undergo a smile assessment and a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, which will help your dentist make an informed decision on what the right type of clear braces is.

Damon system

The Damon system is an excellent choice of clear braces. Damon braces differ from traditional dental braces in that they use a technology known as passive self-ligation. Damon braces work without the elastic bands that are used in traditional braces. This straightens your teeth using a much gentler force in comparison to traditional braces, which are significantly more forceful on the teeth. With a lighter force and a faster treatment time, Damon braces can be more convenient and less painful or uncomfortable, and there is a lower risk of developing dental health issues during the treatment.

Damon braces can change the shape of your jaw, creating space without having to extract any teeth. By widening the jaw, Damon braces help you achieve a beautiful, fuller smile. The Damon system is suitable for both children and adults. On average the treatment can take between six months and two years, but this will depend on the extent of misalignment that you begin with. Damon braces can be used for a range of dental alignment issues, and you can choose the Damon clear brackets at your discretion. Speak to your dentist and find out whether Damon braces could be the most suitable choice of clear braces for you.

Advantages of straightening your teeth with clear braces

By straightening your teeth with clear braces, you will be able to improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence. Your teeth will be easier to brush and floss as there would be fewer hard-to-reach areas in which bacteria, food particles or plaque can hide. This means that there is a lower chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease, which is more common in patients with crooked or misaligned teeth. By straightening your teeth, you can prolong their lifespan and enjoy healthy teeth and gums.