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Clear Braces in Clear Braces Direct

A straightforward and simple way to achieve the perfect smile, Clear Braces Direct can be the way forward in allowing patients to take control of their own destinies by handing the power over to them.

Designed by dentists but completely modernized to suit the busy individual that so many people today have become, a simple three step process has been created that allows for at one point in time a crooked and misaligned smile to become beautifully straight and picture perfect smile in from between 10 to 24 months.

Of course these results may vary depending on the severity of each patient and a visit to the dentist is of course required in order to have that one-on-one consultation so that any unique abnormalities not picked up by scans can be seen by a professional.

A comforting 75% of people globally found that their experience with any form of removable aligner trays has been 100% worth the time and effort involved. By approaching a dental professional and using their experience and advice rather than simply using the technology will provide each customer with a proper treatment plan that will result in realistic expectations and better results.

What are the three steps involved?

The first step is an initial and free suitability test that can be taken with ease in the complete comfort of somebody’s home. There is just a series of questions that should be answered honestly to the best of a person’s ability in order for a dentist to determine whether they are viable for a clear, removable braces treatment plan to fix the state of their teeth.

After the suitability test is complete and a patient is deemed appropriate for the treatment, they will need to visit the professionals and a scan is organised at the scan center. This will allow dentists to take a look at the patient’s mouth and take photos of the mouth and teeth so that a treatment plan can be developed specifically designed for that patient’s needs.

The unique experience here comes at the final step, where patients are required to approve the scans and agree with the consultation of their dentist before aligners are made and sent directly to the patient at their home.

This freedom allows for a great reduction in the cost of these aligners by removing the need for continual check ups by dentists.

After a series of months has been completed where several braces have been used, a final scan is planned in order to determine if the goal has been achieved or if there is the unlikely event of more work needing to be done in order to complete that perfect smile.

Those who use this method of braces are recommended to use retainers in order to hold this perfected smile forever with them.

This unique and very popular method works for patients who do not want to have to regularly visit the dentist in order to create and maintain that perfect smile. Since there is a strict suitability test to determine whether the treatment will work, there is really nothing to lose by seeing if this treatment is going to work.