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Combat dental phobia with Coorparoo Family Dental Practice

Dental phobia affects approximately 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 10 children here in Australia. This is due to a number of different reasons. Most people are afraid of the dentist because of a direct negative experience however others are afraid of certain treatment aspects, such as injections, drilling or scraping, whilst others are scared of the pain and bleeding that they associate with dental treatment. If you are affected by dental anxiety or dental phobia then it is important to understand that significant advances in dental technology mean that dental treatments and procedures can be carried out with little or no pain and discomfort and minimally invasive techniques. You need to speak to your Coorparoo Family Dental Practice and find out about combatting your fears.

Dental anxiety and phobia is a vicious cycle. The more you avoid the dentist the worse your problems become, requiring more intensive and complex treatment which can then reinforce or worsen your fears. If you are scared of the dentist then your problems will prove difficult to treat. Each appointment will take longer and become a stressful experience for both you and your dentist. Speak to Coorparoo family dental practice and find out about minimally invasive, relatively pain free dental treatments and procedures that will help you address your dental requirements and improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Laser dental treatment

An excellent alternative to traditional dental treatment for patients who suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobia is laser dentistry. Speak to your Coorparoo family dental practice and find out about laser dental treatment for you and your family. Laser dental treatment eliminates the need for local anaesthetic allowing the dentist to carry out a procedure with no pain or discomfort. No drilling is necessary and this means no vibrations in your mouth. It is ideal for young children and adults alike. Treatments and procedures can be carried out quicker with accurate and precise results and you can return to your daily routine as there is no downtime. For patients who are scared of blood, an excellent benefit of laser dentistry is that it minimises any bleeding and reduces the trauma to your teeth.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then speak to your Coorparoo family dental practice and let them put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. Laser dental treatments can be carried out in the detection and treatment of cavities, they can be used to prepare the tooth for fillings and they can also be used to combat sensitivity to promote your dental health and wellbeing. Soft tissue procedures that can be carried out using laser dental treatment include reshaping gum tissue for gummy smile treatment and crown length adjustment. It can be used for oral surgery and endodontic treatment. It does not matter how long you have avoided the dentist, your dentist will be happy to hear from you. Call your dentist today and discuss your fears and anxieties and let them know about your interest in laser dental treatment and find out how you can address your phobia and enjoy better dental health for the rest of your life.


All treatments carry risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.