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Confused about looking after your new oral implants? The top 5 aftercare questions answered

So, you’ve just left your dental surgery after having oral implants fitted; well done!

You have just started a journey to improve your oral health, your dental health, and your confidence; good for you! Luckily, once most oral implants are fitted, there are normally no issues and you can get on with your life as you did prior to the fitting.

While most dental surgeries will provide you with an aftercare sheet and an information line to call in the event of concern, it is worth knowing some basic aftercare to help you through the next few days; what kind of discomfort is normal? How do you effectively manage any swellings?

Here, the most 5 commonly searched FAQs relating to implant aftercare will be answered, helping you to identify any issues quickly and seek a resolution. Brilliant!

Is swelling normal?


When you have your dental implants fitted in Bromley, one of the most common side-effects will be swelling of the gums around the implant site.

These swellings will also feel tender for a few days too, so avoid poking them with your tongue. However, if your face begins to swell or the swelling begins to cover the implant, contact your dentist for advice.

It is uncomfortable; when will it settle?

Some pain is to be expected after having dental implants near Bromley placed.

While this should begin to dull after 48 hours, it may last up to 7 days. If the discomfort gets worse or you notice swelling to your jaw, face or neck, contact your dentist immediately; these issues are indicative of an infection.

Also, with any associated discomfort, try pain-relieving methods such as over-the-counter painkillers, cold packs and gargling salt water; do not apply any pressure to your implants, as this may cause them to fail.

Can I sleep on my normal pillow after having implants fitted?

As mentioned before, you are likely to feel a bit tender for a few days before your dental implants from Bromley have had time to settle.

Why not spoil yourself and buy a memory foam pillow to help you sleep? This will allow you to spread the weight of your head more evenly, preventing pressure being applied to one area as you sleep. The last thing you want is to lose sleep over your oral implants!

Can I drink alcohol after they are in place?

If you are prone to having an active social life, it is important to note that you should not consume alcohol for 2 weeks after your implants are fitted; the same rules apply for smoking.

This is to prevent bacteria and toxins making their way into your bloodstream, which can cause secondary issues. So, best stick to water at the bar for a while!

What foods can I eat?

Obviously, you should aim to avoid harder foods like apples, but it is also important to avoid foods that are hot, such as curries, peppers, and chillies.

These can inflame the implant site, causing discomfort and additional swelling.