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Considering having a tooth pulled? Advantages that fillings have over extractions

So, you’ve attended a dental check-up and have been told you need a filling, not the best news.

If you are someone who finds a trip to the dental surgery as engaging as watching paint dry, this probably won’t worry you too much. However, if you are like 1 in 7 dental patients who have anxieties about getting into the dental chair, this can be worrying news.

Why are so many nervous patients opposed to fillings? Because they dislike the sound of the drill that is used to remove the decay. Indeed, surveys have found that one of the key reasons people have phobias about attending their dental surgery is due to the sound of the drill and the needles that are used to numb an area.

But before you decide that you would rather have the aforementioned tooth removed by your dentist Spa Dental Sydney CBD, there are many advantages to having fillings that you may have overlooked. Here, the top 5 are explored and you might just find it will change your mind!

Better oral health

A tooth that needs filling is likely to be decayed.

While having an extraction seems like a better option for your long-term oral health, it isn’t. Having an extraction can be more time-consuming for your dentist to perform, and can actually increase the chances of infection. Also, a missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to move due to the shrinkage of the jaw, which can lead to more issues with your hygiene.


Consider the costs; having a tooth extracted requires surgical intervention and, once completed, you will need to pay for a restorative procedure to keep your smile looking good and your mouth functioning.

Even with a fitted bridge, this can equate to a fair amount of money and this is before issues such as infections come into the equation. With a filling, you are simply paying for the injection and the restoration of the tooth. Once completed, there are no additional costs.

Aesthetically pleasing

An extracted tooth causes a gap and depending on where it is located, this can impact on your smile negatively.

Your dentist will aim to restore your tooth using a composite material which can be colour matched to your surrounding teeth, perfect if the filling is needed at the front of your mouth! So you won’t need to worry about hiding your smile in photos or at social gatherings. Great!


Composite fillings are surprisingly hardy and once in place, you can get back to eating all of your favourite foods!

Composite fillings can last up to 15 years with correct dental hygiene As they don’t react to heat in the same way amalgam fillings do, they will not cause your teeth to crack due to expansion.


A filling restores the strength and functionality to your tooth. Rather than having a tooth removed and a false one put in, it is best to restore your natural teeth so they can do what they are designed to do.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.