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Rachel Jenkins

Cost effective treatments for the whole family

It is recognised by dental professionals worldwide that one of the main reasons that people avoid going to their local dental practice as often as they are advised to, is because they feel they cannot afford to.

Unfortunately, this adheres to the common suggestion that dental issues are more common amongst people in the lower income brackets. Often people assume that those with bad teeth are less successful, less intelligent and less trustworthy.

It is interesting to point out, however, that regular check-ups are indeed the most cost effective method for maintaining oral health care, regardless of age. Dental issues are bound to arise over time and by delaying the inevitable, the expense and complexity of any dental restoration can, by extension, become usually quite high.

A common trend among individuals who do not regularly seek dental care is to visit a dentist only when they experience severe pain, essentially treating it as an emergency situation. To prevent reaching such critical points, it is strongly recommended to establish a routine of visiting a dental clinic, such as Addison Family Dentistry (, for regular check-ups. By prioritizing periodic visits, individuals can maintain their oral health and prevent unnecessary pain and complications.

For children, it is equally important that they visit their local dentist, not only to be educated on the importance of keeping a healthy mouth, but to ensure that decay is not damaging their young teeth and gums. Even baby teeth, which fall out eventually, play a critical role in the health of growing adult teeth and if they fall out prematurely, there is a strong chance that issues will arise with their adult teeth.

Not only this, studies have shown that when you take your little one to a children’s dentist routinely, even if it is simply for a quick examination and a conversation, they are establishing good habits early and are less likely to be afraid of the dentist later in life. They will continue on the habit of visiting their dentist and this will certainly aid in allowing them to enjoy a strong and healthy smile for as long as possible.

By providing cost effective routine examinations for the whole family, Sheen Dental in Richmond can offer the patients in their community an opportunity to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

As the body is holistically connected, meaning that one element is intimately connected with the other in ways that are not even completely understood yet, keeping a healthy mouth can ensure that one’s entire well-being is cared for as well.

It is never too late

For those individuals thinking that it has been too long since they have visited their local dental practice and are too embarrassed or concerned for the outcome to make that first move; it is never too late to start enjoying that smile.

The first step is always the hardest and by choosing to see a team of professionals who are non- judgemental, accepting, considerate and compassionate, patients can embark on a positive and encouraging journey towards a healthier version of themselves.

Each appointment comes without pressure, so patients can walk away and consider their options, being fully informed of the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before them.