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Could a dentist in Richmond help you harness your smile’s potential?

Change your smile, change your life

Whilst the social disadvantages of having crooked, poorly aligned, stained, discoloured or missing teeth may seem obvious to many – the benefits of having a straight and healthy smile may be greater than you first thought. People who have healthy looking, bright and straight teeth can find it to be a massively boosting social asset, as studies have shown that they are more likely to be viewed by others as successful, trustworthy and attractive. Therefore, anyone who feels that their teeth could be visibly enhanced by a dental professional ought to contact a reliable dentist in Richmond to get the care they deserve and begin crafting a new smile which can open them up to a world of possibilities.

A whole new smile

For many people, the issues they have with the aesthetics of their smile is not limited to just one problem. For those who have teeth which are poorly aligned, discoloured and badly spaced out, it can be stressful and embarrassing to smile in public. As can be imagined, this can have a seriously damaging effect on their social wellbeing or mental health. However, nowadays it is possible to create a whole new smile for patients which can address a number of aesthetic problems in a permanent and effective way, with just one cosmetic treatment. Through porcelain veneers, it is possible to completely reshape and reform a patient’s teeth in just one treatment which requires minimal adjustment to the patient’s existing teeth.

What are porcelain veneers?

You may recognise veneers from the smiles of numerous celebrities and movie stars. The reason for this is because of their tried and tested ability to achieve success in creating a smooth and altogether, healthier looking smile without having to subject patients to extensive treatments. The basis of veneers works by creating a whole set of porcelain shells which are then bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth to give their smile a cohesive and together look. By addressing cosmetic issues in this way it is possible to solve problems such as discoloured teeth, as well as correct misalignments through the same treatment.

What does the process involve?

Anyone who believes that one or more aesthetic aspects of their smile are affecting how they feel and is looking to address multiple cosmetic concerns in one go, should seek out porcelain veneers for a comprehensive solution. Prior to the installation of veneers they must first be uniquely crafted so that they fit over the patient’s teeth perfectly and provide them with a straight smile. After they have been crafted by a dental veneer technician, the enamel on the patient’s teeth must be etched slightly to allow for the veneers to be bonded properly. Thereafter a dental bonding material is applied to the patient’s teeth, before each porcelain veneer is attached to their existing teeth and effectively creates a whole new, brighter looking smile. If properly maintained and cared for, dental veneers can allow the patient to enjoy flawless, straight, bright white teeth for years to come.