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Dental implants: the way to get your teeth replaced in a reliable way

If you have got missing teeth, then you must consider getting the gaps in your smile filled in. You should do this because leaving gaps in your smile leaves your remaining teeth and gums exposed more to bacteria, and this can lead to further dental issues. It is for this reason that crowns, bridges, and dentures are viable treatment options. However, if you wish to make them fixed permanently and securely into your mouth, just like natural teeth, then dental implants Windsor could be for you! Having dental implants offers many benefits, including being a discreet and convenient treatment that nobody else should realise is not your natural teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are screws that can be fitted into your jawbone by your dentist. These screws should be immovable once the gums have healed around them. Dentists can attach replacement teeth onto the screws, and they should stay attached 24-7. You won’t need to remove them or worry about them loosening if you eat hard or chewy foods. That said, sometimes implant supported bridge flowood ms or elsewhere are considered a permanent solution for patients who are missing multiple teeth. They last longer — an average of twenty years. They are anchored by a dental implant, which acts as an artificial root and offers a more natural look when you smile.

Other benefits

Aside from dental implants allowing your teeth to be firmly fixed into position at all times, dental implants also offer other benefits as they enable you to chew your food properly once you don’t have gaps in your teeth. This could also reduce jaw pain and enable your speech to be clearer as well. These health benefits are certainly something to be happy about; however, you may also be extremely pleased to learn that dental implants could make you look younger. This is because the implants can provide better support to your face, enabling the skin to look smoother and more youthful. When you have missing teeth, the skin can become drawn without any structure to support it.

Do dental implants hurt?

Undergoing dental implant surgery does not necessarily have to be a painful procedure when done by Minto Oral Surgery specialists and others like them who make use of the latest procedures and techniques in dentistry. That been said, when a procedure involves attaching implants, only local anesthesia is required as a prep. That means you’re going to be numb to the pain for the most part, thus making your treatment rather comfortable. You will also only need two appointments to have them fitted. During the first appointment, you will have the screws put into your jawbone. After this, you will then have temporary replacement teeth attached to them. You will then need to wait a few weeks for the gums to heal around the screws, after which you must go back to your dentist for the second appointment, where they will be able to attach your permanent teeth.

Are dental implants right for me?

The best way to find out whether this is a viable option for you is to book a consultation with a dental practice. The dentist will be able to examine you and discuss the treatment options. Not all dental practices offer dental implants, so make sure you find out whether they offer this treatment before you go there.

So, if you are ready to get a great smile that you can rely on, it’s time to look for dental implants.