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Rachel Jenkins

Dentistry for the whole family

It is important to determine what is wanted from a dental practice. By understanding that a patient and their family’s best interests are at the heart of what is being done by a dentist in Edinburgh (or elsewhere), solutions can be made together to create healthy smiles for life.

Many patients appreciate the care and attention that they receive from all of the team members in this dental practice and they are fully aware of the treatment they are receiving. They have been offered every alternative, and given reasons why one treatment is preferable over another. The advantages and disadvantages of a particular treatment, such as a root canal or dental implants, are provided so that the patient can make an informed decision about their oral health.

Finance plans offered and the cost of treatments should be openly discussed so that everything is kept transparent. Some patients might have their insurance policies, and others from low-income families might make use of Medicaid services (read more on to cover the charges. For these reasons, it is crucial to establish trust between dental health care providers and patients, ensuring that they will be happy to work together in the future to keep a smile healthy.

It is not all about restorative care

Children generally do not need any kind of restorative care, but instead benefit from a host of different preventive treatments to ensure that their young teeth remain healthy and strong. Even though these teeth do fall out, it is important to keep them strong and cavity free.

Developing adult teeth underneath the gum are affected by the condition of the original milk tooth. If a milk tooth falls out prematurely, this can have devastating consequences to the adult tooth. Good habits are also established early. By visiting the best family dentist el cajon has to offer, or someone similar, children can learn how to brush teeth when they are young, and they can understand the importance of keeping a smile fresh and clean.

Some treatments, such as fissure sealants or fluoride treatments, can ensure the integrity of young teeth. It is known that some places are hard to reach and that young children can miss those deep grooves in the molars, leading to cavities and decay.

A fissure sealant can be applied to fill in these grooves and protect this vulnerable area from damage. The use of fluoride is important to keep teeth mineralised and healthy, and is applied to the surface of teeth to strengthen them.

Adults can benefit from preventive care as well. They can speak with a hygienist who can remove traces of plaque and tartar which can build up and cause decay. If a person has issues with bad breath or yellowed, stained teeth, then these professionals can assist with this as well.

Cosmetic solutions can allow individuals to feel better about their teeth and their smile. There are a range of different treatment options to suit every budget so that a person can be more confident with the smile that they have.

These solutions are also beneficial for the overall health of a person’s mouth and their entire being. As the body is connected in ways that many researchers still don’t understand, the mouth, as a window to one’s overall health, is a great place to start and determine other areas that need attention and care.