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Easy Dental Marketing Strategies

1There are many basic strategies you can implement to make sure your dental marketing campaign is successful. A digital marketing agency can look after your dental marketing campaign on your behalf, but there are some techniques you can carry out yourself which will hugely benefit your dental clinic.

Audit your dental marketing

Firstly, you will benefit by auditing your current digital marketing platforms; this includes your website, Google My Business profile, social media, emails and any other digital communication that is associated with you and your business. Make sure that your digital dental marketing is modern, updated, attractive and engaging. You should check whether all your contact information is correct and list all the treatments, procedures and services that you offer at your dental clinic. If your website or social media pages list any promotions, then these should be valid, if not, they need to be removed.

Take a look at the images on your website and social media pages and consider updating them when necessary. Often it is best to avoid stock images as they give a generic feel to your website, changing these to genuine images of your practice could give off a much more welcoming feel. If you have new members in your team or team members who have left, then this also needs to be updated accordingly. It is important that you audit your website regularly so that all the information you present is correct; this truly reflects your dental clinic and you as a team.

Check out your competitors

Next, you can carry out competitor analysis. You should try to find out what all the other dentists in the area are offering and take a look at their websites and social media pages. Following the analysis, you have the opportunity to provide your patients with the same offerings as your competitors while showcasing your unique differentiators. For instance, if other dental clinics offer toothbrushes alongside medications, you can outshine them by incorporating more sustainable and personalized options like bamboo toothbrushes. By partnering with a Bamboo Toothbrush Wholesale dealer, you can buy these products in bulk quantities, customize them with your dental clinic’s name, and offer them to your patients. This approach can help attract a larger customer base compared to your competitors. Similarly, there are numerous strategies you can implement to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Keyword research

An excellent digital dental marketing tool is keyword research. Keyword research tells you what your prospective patients are looking for concerning their dental needs. Keyword research will tell you which dental services are the most sought in your area and which dental issues are the most prevalent. Keyword research will give varying results according to the geographical location. You may find that in certain places, more people search for restorative dental treatment, whilst in other places, cosmetic dental treatments are more popular.

Dental needs also vary amongst communities. In some places, patients may be suffering from tooth decay or toothache, whilst in other areas, patients may be searching for teeth whitening treatments or hygienist appointments for cleaner, whiter teeth. You may also find that popular search terms change after a period of time; therefore, regular keyword research will help you stay in touch with the current trends and attract quality leads that you can convert into loyal patients at your practice.

Speak to a highly experienced marketing team today and find out more about the techniques and strategies that can ensure you are equipped with an excellent dental marketing campaign to boost the success of your dental clinic.