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Easy dentist tips to avoid gum disease

A number of studies have established intricate links between numerous medical conditions from heart disease to cancer and the state of one’s gums. Gum disease is a direct result of inadequate oral hygiene habits that lead to the accumulation of gum-attacking bacteria. The NHS defines gum disease as a dental condition that displays symptoms such as inflammation, bleeding, soreness and infection.

Taking into consideration the fact that the mouth remains the entry point into the body, harmful germs can easily make their way along with the food you digest to other parts and organs in the body creating disease and illness. According to a recent Consumer Oral Health Survey of 2019, only 63 percent of the respondents were aware of the fact that serious illnesses were linked to gum disease. With a growing body of scientific research pointing to the importance of good oral health, patients are urged to maintain recommended dental hygiene habits to ensure optimal overall health.

4 Key steps to maintain healthy gums

Good dental habits that are practised from an early age are more likely to become part and parcel of an adult’s hygiene routine.

  1. Clean teeth morning and night

The first piece of advice that any patient will receive from their local family dentist chicago il (or wherever they are based) in regards to their dental health is that they need to clean their teeth at least twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed at the end of the day. This is because the practice is the first line of defence that gets rids of harmful bacteria that exist in the mouth.

While it is good practice to clean one’s teeth, there are a few golden rules to follow. Use a soft toothbrush to protect tooth enamel and gums, use a circular motion and brush gums at a 45 degree angle, brush all chewing surfaces ensuring the upper and lower sections as well as inside and outside areas are covered.

  • Floss daily to get rid of trapped food particles

Flossing can begin at the age of two years old (performed by parents) and managed by the child themselves from the age of eight with careful instructions give

  • Keep regular dental check-up appointments

Dental check-ups are necessary in the treatment and prevention of gum disease. A Navan dentist has the necessary experience and tools to conduct a thorough assessment of the health of teeth and gums. Any concerns of potential issues should be addressed early.

The need for regular check-ups should extend to other members of your family too. This is especially in context to children, because they tend to have a sweet tooth and neglect tooth care, unless pushed into the habit. Negligence of dental health could cause tooth decay and gum-related issues as well. So, you ought to consult a family dentist from or from other similar sites. If left unchecked, there could arise complications which would require comprehensive procedures for treatment.

  • Reduce sugar intake

A healthy diet is another critical factor in keeping gums in good condition. Diets high in sugar (both solid foods and beverages) spell trouble for the health of the mouth and body.

In addition to limiting fizzy sugary soft drinks, patients should also be aware of the risks of frequent consumption of drinks that contain low PH levels such as wine can have a devastating impact on teeth.

Maintaining good oral health is easy if the few simple steps above are strictly adhered to minimise the risk of developing gum disease and other dental health problems.