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Easy to Cook, Healthy Food Recipes You Can Make in 25 Minutes Or Less

First up on our list of great new food recipes is this simple honey garlic shrimp recipe from “Quick Cooking” cookbook. There’s nothing quite like the heavenly sweet combination of fresh garlic, spicy honey and a warm buttery seafood meal. The perfect way to introduce a new favorite into your diet. This one is also hits all the happy, pleasurable dinner notes with an amazingly quick preparation time. There’s no need to deep fry this one and no need to bake a pie crust. You can serve it right from the pan!

One of my mother-in-law’s favorite comfort food recipe is the baked potato. She makes a delicious home-cooked meal using a baked potato (skinless) as the main ingredient along with some carrots, red pepper, a bit of seasoning and onion powder. The result is a scrumptious, healthy, mouthwatering meal that will leave everyone feeling full, but not too full that they can’t move around. Best of all, the good memories will last forever. This Baked Potato Dinner Recipe is one of the new quick cooking recipes in the “Better Than Good” collection of recipes.

Another quick cooking dinner recipe from the “Better Than Good” collection of quick cooking books is this Chicken Breast with Butternut Squash. This is another one of my mother-in-law’s favorite comfort food recipes. I’ve made several changes to this recipe to make it a tad healthier for her. I used reduced fat Italian seasoning along with sage and fresh garlic, substituted a brown rice pilaf for the traditional baked potato and added coconut oil and melted nutritional fat. I also seasoned the chicken with ground pepper and used canned light coconut milk instead of whole.

There are many other quick cooking meals that I love to prepare for easy dinners that people can enjoy. If you’re looking for a good idea for dinner, why not try this chicken noodle salad? This quick cooking recipe uses thin cuts of lean ham and adds some delicious, flaky noodle. It makes a delicious starter to any night. Another quick and easy meal idea using real food recipes is this beef stew with carrots and celery.

For dessert, how about this fried rice recipe from one of the “Better Than Good” cookbooks? This comfort food recipe makes a delicious, light dinner by using yellow curry powder and white vinegar. I also tossed in some crunchy green vegetables like broccoli and spinach for a bright, colorful look. To enhance the taste, I added sesame seeds.

If you add any spices to the recipe, such as coconut or cashew pepper, it will enhance the flavors of the dish. Another great quick cooking, family-friendly, vegan recipe that tastes like it was made at a 5-star restaurant is this black bean soup. It’s made with roasted red beans, chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, and a little lemon juice. It makes a delicious, healthy alternative to pasta that everyone can enjoy.