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Have you been told you need braces? Reasons you should undergo orthodontics in Harley Street

Regardless of your age, being told you need braces after visiting the dentist can seriously knock you off guard. Images of large, unattractive braces flash through your mind and usually, by the time you have walked to the end of the driveway outside the surgery, you have decided if you want to undergo the treatment.

Althoughbraces are exceedingly common in dentistry, with over 200,000 people in the UK wearing them at any given time, they are also unpopular with adolescents and adults who would ultimately benefit from having them fitted.

If you have a career or are just conscious about the way you look, of course, the idea of having braces fitted can seem unthinkable.

But there are many benefits to havingbraces fitted that you might not have thought of.

Not all braces are the same

Before you say an outright ‘no’ to your dentist about the treatment, consider that with advances in dentistry, braces have evolved far beyond the large, metal type that is fitted on the front of your teeth.

Indeed, there are many forms of braces available on the market, and depending on how much work is required, you may be able to achieve your straight smile without the use of larger braces.

They work

Sounds obvious, but the reason dentists recommend braces to help straighten teeth is because they work.

Even the old style, metal braces have proven their worth over the years in correcting alignment issues and straightening crooked teeth. If you can wear a clear brace, you may be surprised at how effective these are at reversing bad alignment, crowding or issues with noticeable gaps.

Enhanced oral hygiene

If you have crooked teeth, a misaligned bite or overlapping teeth, this can make cleaning your teeth more challenging. Simply put, you will probably miss areas in your mouth with your dental routine that accumulate plaque which can lead to both gum disease and gingivitis.

Correcting these issues will improve the overall hygiene in your mouth and keep your teeth looking their best.

Gum strengthening

How on earth can braces strengthen gums? Simple.

As the teeth are now being moved into their correct angle in the tooth socket, the gum line can hold on to them better, securing them within the socket and stopping them from wobbling or moving. This also strengthens the teeth, as once the gums hold them in their correct position, this allows for a stronger bite and can even improve issues with speech.

They improve your confidence

Maybe not directly after having them fitted but in the long term, people who have had braces report higher levels of confidence in their smile and overall appearance.

Many celebrities have undergone dental work and now flaunt their perfect teeth with an enviable level of confidence; why wouldn’t you want to do the same? Getting braces fitted is a common procedure and will certainly help your confidence later in life.