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Looking for Invisalign in Weybridge

One of the most common problems when it comes to the oral health of adults in the UK are misaligned or crooked teeth, yet this is a problem that can be solved in most cases.

There is a strong awareness within the industry of orthodontics that there is a perception that wearing braces to straighten teeth can, somehow, make someone’s mouth appear strange to others. This is a major reason as to why some potential patients may avoid treatment.

Dental professionals have sought to address this issue and started to offer a new format of bracing technology for teeth in the form of Invisalign Weybridge.

What makes Invisalign different?

What makes Invisalign revolutionary is the fact they use a removable retainer that is almost invisible to the eyes of others who may be looking at your face, meaning they should not notice anything unusual around your mouth.

In most cases, the retainer is customised to the individual patient, to allow it to sit comfortably in the mouth, and is normally changed every two weeks to gain the best results possible. One of the biggest aims of using this technology is to allow the patient to carry on their day to day lifestyle while receiving the treatment they feel they need.

This technology is now considered as one of the most effective treatments around tooth alignment and has quickly gained the market growth that has led to becoming a popular option amongst clients. Once in place, each aligner will slowly move a patient’s teeth into the correct position in the mouth until all the teeth are in their perfect positions, most patients start to notice improvements caused by this treatment early in the process.

Solving common issues

Many people with misaligned teeth suffer from a bad bite, meaning it may appear weak and in some cases make it difficult to bite and chew food correctly. Using bracing technologies, the bite can be greatly improved by moving the teeth into the correct positions in the mouth; this helps to add accuracy and strength to the bite, allowing the receivers of this treatment to gain an improved experience of food.

Those who have misaligned teeth may also be prone to an increased risk of issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, as they may find it difficult to clean the teeth properly. Aligning the teeth correctly will help to greatly reduce the risks caused by many common issues, giving the patient the benefit of enjoying a greater standard of oral health.

Many people with misaligned teeth find themselves trying to cover or hide them from the sight of others, they may also try to avoid smiling at others whose company they enjoy. If the teeth are realigned into the correct positions within the mouth a person may become more confident, they will be more likely to use their smile when enjoying the company of others, this will help lead to them feeling more positive and gaining an improvement in their mental wellbeing.

The next step

Anyone thinking about teeth alignment and wanting to find out more about Invisalign braces should contact orthodontic or dental professionals to gain the advice and information they need to make an informed treatment decision.