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Open up the potential of your smile through a dentist in Sydney CBD

The power of a smile

When you smile, the world smiles with you. Whilst this isn’t always obviously the case, it is true that when you smile, a chemical reaction happens inside your brain which releases dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals relate to how you feel, and can even have an effect on those around you, as smiles truly are contagious. Our smile is also what we each present to the world on a daily basis, and influences almost every aspect of our lives in ways which we may not initially consider. The way that we look – especially the way our teeth look – have a lasting impact on the way that others view us and how we are treated. This is why, anyone who believes that the true power and beauty of their smiles are being impeded by a dental issue of some sort, ought to speak to a trusted dentist in  to see what can be done, and how they can unlock its true potential.

Brighten up your world

Having teeth which are stained or visibly more yellow looking than those of people around you can often cause some amount of self-consciousness. Some lifestyle choices, such as choosing to smoke tobacco or drink black, staining drinks like coffee, black tea or red wine can often result in your enamel becoming discoloured. Additionally, poor oral habits and brushing techniques can lead to a build-up of plaque or tartar, which marks and stains teeth. Also dietary habits, such as eating highly acidic foods can have an effect on the shade of your enamel, and it can also be a side effect of some medications. Ageing is another, natural cause of a fade in the natural colour of a patient’s teeth – and one of the most common reasons for seeking out professional whitening. Despite how regularly people of a certain age demographic brush, they can sometimes find that the enamel on their teeth continues to appear grey or dull. Through seeking out professional whitening however, this can be fully reversed and their teeth can be restored to a bright, shining white colour which will undoubtedly alleviate their spirits and their confidence.

Whitening, from a reputable source

Interest in cosmetic tooth whitening has boomed in recent years across the board. However, there has also been a spike in the amount of people who are settling for cheaper alternatives that are purchased over the internet – often from unscrupulous sources. It is always recommended that those who wish to chemically brighten their teeth – either within a dental practice, or at home – do so through a verified source. The reason for this is that several online providers of whitening kits have been found to be selling kits which have a dangerous level of hydrogen-peroxide within them, this can be permanently damaging to a patient’s teeth. Treatment that is carried out by a professional cosmetic dentist however, only uses a medically verified quantity of hydrogen-peroxide within the bleaching gels. This gel is applied directly to the front of a patient’s teeth, by being placed inside the interior of a specially moulded dental retainer. As this retainer fits perfectly around their teeth, it means that there will be no stains or yellow strips left at the end of treatment, as there often is with kits bought over the internet.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.