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What a Pack ‘n Play Is and Why It Is a Must-Have for a Modern Family

Pack and play playards have been replacing old-fashioned cribs for several years already. Such an item is a must-have in a family with a child/children of 0 to 3 years. It becomes the baby station for most everyday procedures, sleep, learning, and entertainment.

What a Pack ‘n Play Is

A pack ‘n play is a multifunctional playard with different sets of features. Children can sleep, rest, and play there during their infant and toddler years. The base of every unit is the major play area that can be used as a storage (when not needed) and as a playground for a toddler with toys and sometimes a sleeping mattress there.

On top of that area, there is a bassinet – a place where the child sleeps during his or her infant years. Newborn children usually sleep in a napper – a small bed that can be flipped or detached if not needed. The playard can also have a changing table (may also be flipped) and a pocket for diapers and wipes. Music, vibration, and additional toys are extra features, not all models have those. Usually, parents learn how to choose the best pack and play according to the functions they need for their children by looking through several options

Why a Pack ‘n Play Is a Must-Have

  • It’s safe.
    The unit is safe until your child learns how to climb out or reaches 32” in height. It’s completely baby-proof, the materials used are hypoallergenic and soft. The construction of a high-quality unit is stable, including the detachable parts like (a bassinet, a napper, and a changing table).
  • It saves a lot of space.
    If you order a pack and play with bassinet, storages, a changing table, a napper, and some additional features, it will become the child’s room for a long time. So if you need so save some space or the baby room is still ‘in progress’, a playard is a must-have.
  • It’s convenient to use.
    Many pack and plays have wheels that you can use to move the set outdoors or to another house. So you won’t need to find a place to put the child while you’re busy preparing everything for a picnic or change diapers during a meet-up at your friend’s house – everything necessary is already in hand reach.

There are hundreds of models that will fit different rooms in color palette and functionality. It’s not uncommon these days to skip the crib and buy a pack ‘n play instead. To choose a high-quality one, decide on your needs and read some reviews.