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Re-creating a smile by refilling the gaps

In the past, the loss of a tooth could be devastating and considered to be a life sentence and for many the gap would remain unfilled so as to avoid the possibility of an unnatural looking replacement. Luckily, with advances in dental care, dental implants Maidstone are able to provide patients with cosmetically appealing and durable tooth replacements. No matter the age of the patient, these implants are able to provide a long-lasting and sturdy replacement for one or multiple cases of tooth loss.

When thinking about replenishing your smile the majority of thought may be surrounding your cosmetic appearance. However, there are many ways in which getting an implant can help with your overall oral health and functionality. By having implants fitted, the bite of the individual can be greatly improved. The avoidance of certain foods no longer needs to be the case, as once the implant area has healed, the functionality of the tooth becomes the same as the natural tooth. Speaking, chewing and smiling can return to normal and your concerns can be reduced and eliminated.

 Discovering your suitability

Whilst age is not an issue when it comes to implants, there are many factors to be considered when discovering whether or not this method of tooth replacement is suitable for you.

To begin with, the overall oral health of the patient is extremely important. In order for the small titanium post to remain sturdy and be a long-lasting solution, there needs to be a high standard of oral health to begin with. The overall oral health needs to be maintained and improved if necessary to ensure the longevity of the tooth replacement.

Another important aspect to having tooth replacements put in place is whether or not the jaw has sufficient bone to hold the post in place. The depth of the bone is of extreme importance and therefore it may be that prior to undergoing the implant procedure you need to have a bone graft first. When tooth loss occurs, if left for long periods of time the bone surrounding the root of the tooth can recede and diminish over time. Therefore in order to be able to implant a small titanium post into the bone the first point of call is to create the necessary bone depth. The material used for the bone graft can either be a synthetic material or a section of natural bone taken from another part of the body such as the hip or cheek. Whilst natural bone is often the preferred choice of graft, either solution for the bone graft works efficiently and provides a stable base for the implant to be inserted into once healed.

The important aftercare

Once you have taken the leap and had implants inserted into your gums there are a few things to keep in mind so as to assist with the healing process. The first thing to think about is the types of food you consume. Once healed this does not need to cross your mind, but whilst the area heals you want to be eating softer foods so as to aid the healing process rather than prolong it. Alongside this is the use of a toothbrush with softer bristles. At first, if possible, avoid brushing the new implants frequently so as to prevent unnecessary pressure on the new additions, but do ensure that the remainder of the mouth is kept clean to a high standard.

Once the implants have settled into place and the area surrounding them has healed, they are to be cleaned just like your regular teeth. It will be near impossible to tell the difference between your natural teeth and implanted teeth, so ensure they are treated the same.