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Root canal treatment

Infections can occur in the teeth at any time, and this can be very painful and hard to deal with. This can be helped by having root canal treatment, and it can also prevent the infection from developing, therefore lowering the risk of you having to have the tooth removed.

What is the process of a root canal?

This treatment focuses on removing the infection from the nerve system of the tooth, and tries to prevent it spreading any further. Firstly, a dentist Navan will give you some local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable for you. After this,they will use advanced equipment to remove as much of the infection from the tooth as possible. The tooth will then be cleaned, shaped slightly, and filled in temporarily to try and stop further infection.

At a later date you will go back to your dentist so they can make sure no further infection has spread in the tooth. If everything is looking good, they will then do a permanent filling to continue the work of the temporary one to help stop further problems. You will need to have two or more visits in order to complete your root canal treatment.

Benefits of root canal treatment

One benefit that comes with getting a root canal from Navan dental professionals, is that you can use your NHS medical card in order to receive this treatment. This really benefits the patients and can give them a peace of mind that they will be able to get help without having to worry about the costs.

Another benefit of root canal treatment is that it is virtually pain-free. A lot of people are usually put off by the thought of getting a root canal because it’s painful, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For most root canal patients, they will feel no pain during the procedure, and be able to walk out of a dental practice with their natural tooth still functioning well and intact.

When you have pain or decay in the tooth, this is caused by infection, and a benefit of root canal treatment is that if you catch it at the right time, then it can prevent it spreading to your other teeth. This saves a lot of time and energy later on in your life if the infection were to spread. And even better, with the right dental hygiene routine your root canal can last a lifetime!

When you have toothache, it can be debilitating, and waiting for the pain to go away (if it ever does) is not a good option for your oral health or overall wellbeing. It is so important to treat these infections as soon as possible, and if necessary, use suitable pain-relieving medications to minimize the pain. Of course, not everyone likes to consistently use pain relievers due to addiction or allergy issues, for this reason, natural treatment options, such as cannabis or CBD options can be used, for instance, you can find some examples at and similar sites. Severe tooth decay has been shown to put you at risk of other health implications such as respiratory infections, diabetes, and other illnesses. For the benefit of your wellbeing and to keep your beautiful smile, go and see your dentist and they will do what they can to help.

Dental treatments can bring risks, and you must make sure you are aware of these before beginning any treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.