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Seeking a healthier looking smile?

One of the first things people can do to improve the appearance of their smile is to brighten and whiten their teeth with teeth whitening in Bedford. More effective than whitening toothpastes, this treatment is an intensive and short procedure that can be done in the dental practice or in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

By ensuring that they are getting the real deal, patients can expect real results. Only by visiting their dentist and having a prior examination can patients really know that their treatment is going to be as effective as it can be.

This is because dentists first examine the condition of a patient’s teeth and determine what kind of staining is present and to what degree a whitening treatment is going to remove these stains.

Are there different kinds of staining to teeth?

There are different kinds of tooth discolouration and some of them cannot be removed by dental whitening treatments. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic teeth stains, as well as age related stains which are a combination of the former two, coupled with the core dentine naturally yellowing with age.

Intrinsic stains have penetrated the surface of an individual’s tooth and can be caused by excessive fluoride use, especially among children. They can be removed, however, it is harder to do so than it is with extrinsic staining. People can speak with their dentist and create a tailor-made treatment plan to focus on intrinsic staining if they are presenting with this condition.

Extrinsic staining is more common and thankfully, easier to remove. It is staining on the surface of the tooth and usually results from excessive use of coffee, tea or tobacco use.

Usually, an extrinsic stain is a build-up of pigmented residue that covers the teeth and can be removed through repetitive brushing and cleaning of teeth. By visiting a hygienist as well every 6 months or so, individuals can benefit from a deep cleaning that can remove this protein film covering the tooth enamel.

When can a whitening treatment be effective?

For all of these kinds of stainings, a professional whitening treatment, maybe by an experienced Fulham Dentist (if that is where you live), can reduce the amount of staining to brighten and whiten the teeth. In some situations, a dentist can only offer a few shades whiter, whereas in others teeth can be lightened several shades, significantly improving the appearance of their teeth.

The treatment itself can be completed during a lunch break and the effects are immediate, unlike the need for prolonged use of whitening toothpaste or at-home strips.

Should an individual wish to take their kit home, they will be given detailed instructions and also have a custom-built tray to fit over their teeth, so that maximum coverage of the tooth surface can be achieved.

By using the latest, well researched technology, patients can benefit from a safer experience. Should they choose to use a bleach beyond the recommended time, they may suffer with tooth sensitivity that can last for a long time.

It is always best to consult a dentist and to speak openly and candidly, so that a patient can achieve the results that they are seeking.