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Rachel Jenkins

Should You Hire a DJ or Live Musician For Your Wedding?

Weddings are a massive affair by nature.  With an extensive guest list, thoroughly planned meals, and a ceremony that will change the lives of so many people attending, every detail has to be well thought out.

It makes sense that so many people get stuck when it comes to entertainment.  A significant question is whether the performers should be singing live, or if the music should be a list played out by a live DJ.

Unfortunately, there’s no cover-all correct answer here.  Instead, it’s good to consider each option on its own, and decide what’s right for specifically your wedding.

Live Performances

Live performances can be a lot of fun.  They’re capable of bringing energy into a room that can be difficult for a recorded set of songs to reproduce.  Although they can be pricier, every single performance is a little different.  A live performer guarantees that your wedding will have a unique show that can’t get replicated.

Performers come in a wide assortment, ranging from cover bands to growing new artists.  Live performers can be an excellent way to lend a realistic touch to your party.  Anyone can play a Beatles CD at a Wedding, but not many weddings have an actual copy of the original band singing the songs live for the guests.  These performers can aid a quirky and fun wedding, and leave your guests with a memorable night.

There are a couple of drawbacks, though.  Live performers can be more expensive, mainly because more people are performing, and they have the overhead costs of maintaining instruments, travel, and lodging if it’s out of their town.  

If a performer is having a rough day, it can throw off the entire performance.  If they’re sick, or just not giving their all, to the music it can pull down the energy of a wedding just as much as an excellent performance can pull it up.


Disc Jockeys have the edge in more than a few ways.  They’re cheaper by far.  Since it’s just one person, usually with little equipment, they’re able to have lower prices.  With unlimited music at their fingertips, a DJ can change up the mood of a party instantly, playing anything that you want to hear.  They’re also a lot more available; I can name at least two DJs I have added on Facebook faster than I could find any musicians for hire near me.

If a DJ isn’t feeling great or had a bad day, it doesn’t change the quality of the music.  Every single song is the best cut of the song, the version that almost all of your guests will know.  Their performances can easily get predicted, so you don’t have to worry about surprises.

A DJ isn’t perfect for every gathering, though.

They, unfortunately, don’t have the same punch of energy that people get from live performances.  DJs also can seem a little impersonal.

Either way, a performer at your wedding should be able to give you the feeling that you want.  It’s a magical day, and you deserve to have amazing memories of everything that goes with that.