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Smile issues and how to solve them

How a person feels about their smile can affect their self-confidence in so many ways.  If they are unhappy about the condition of their teeth, they may feel less attractive and find that they are self-conscious.  This can spill over to have an impact in many different areas of life.  If the smile is not what it should be, then there are lots of treatments that can help to restore how the patient feels about their appearance.  These include veneers in London, teeth straightening and whitening.

How can veneers help?

Veneers in London are frequently chosen by patients who want an immense improvement in their smile.  They are a means of fixing a range of issues, including teeth that are misshapen, cracked and damaged and badly stained.  They are even used as an alternative to straightening in some cases.

Veneers are a way to cover imperfections in the teeth.  They are made from porcelain that is shaped to fit the patient’s teeth exactly.  They are wafer thin, which means that they feel natural and do not disrupt talking or eating.

Not only does this treatment transform the appearance of the smile, but it can be completed in a short time.  Most patients find that they have the look they want after just two appointments.  In addition, the results are instant.  There is no waiting around for the treatment to work, so the patient can get on with their life straight away, enjoying the newfound confidence that their brilliant new smile delivers.

How can implants help?

Many people who have suffered from tooth loss have opted for dental implants as a viable solution to their tooth problems. This method of dental restoration has been used to fill in the areas where there have been gaps, decay, and disease. And even though it may not be equivalent to the growth of a new tooth, it is without a doubt, an effective treatment due to its various advantages.

Dental implant procedures that can be found at and similar dental portals enable patients to enjoy better chewing, speech, oral health, and structure for the jaw. It also keeps the adjacent teeth stable, helps prevent further tooth loss, and provides a long-lasting solution to tooth loss problems.

Why should patients consider braces?

It is relatively common to have teeth that are overcrowded, crooked or which stick out.  This can cause a person to feel very unhappy with their smile.  If they have not been able to get orthodontic treatment while they were very young, some people feel that they have missed their chance and that they must put up with feeling self-conscious about how their teeth are aligned.

Fortunately, there is no age limit for getting braces.  The use of traditional braces in older people has become much more socially acceptable in recent years.  If the patient does not wish to opt for this type of treatment, then there are other, more subtle options.

Incognito braces deliver all the benefits of traditional ones, but are barely visible to other people.  This is because they sit behind the teeth, rather than in front of them.

Invisible braces are popular because they are completely clear, and therefore no one notices if the patient is having their teeth straightened in this manner.  They are also removable, which means that the patient can expect much less disruption to their lifestyle and eating habits.