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Straightening your smile at home

With thousands of at-home treatments available for the different aspects of life, it is often hard to distinguish which are the most reliable and effective. Luckily, when carrying out research on clear aligners such as Invisalign London, there is a lot of evidence to support the effectiveness of the tailor-made, transparent aligners.

Trustpilot and website reviews can provide you with a variety of honest opinions both positive and negative, but the best way to see the effects of the aligners is to view the smile of those who have or are undergoing treatment. A smile filled with confidence and a set of straight teeth can provide the best reviews; therefore, you must discuss this with your dental team and take a glance at the patients around you. Some of those confident smiles will be wearing the aligners.

Who are the aligners designed for?

Whether you are a younger or older member of society, the aligners can be the solution to your misalignment problem. For those who are less enthusiastic about their visits to the dental practice or run busy lives and have less time for appointments, Invisalign London could be the right solution. Although not yet available to children, the market for adult orthodontic treatments has excelled.

Through combining the cosmetically appealing style with an effective tooth realignment treatment, the market has opened up and a process that may have previously been shied away from can now be embraced without the whole world knowing.

Transparent aligners for the busy executive, the shy secretary or the person who just wants an easy and comfortable treatment plan.

The different levels of treatment available

As with most treatment plans, there are different levels according to the extent of the misalignment. With Invisalign, there are two levels available, and these are known as Lite, which is up to 14 sets of aligners, and Comprehensive, which extends beyond the 14. Whilst the number of aligners may seem a lot written on paper, the entire process relies upon the constant but gentle process of pushing the teeth into a newly aligned position, hence why the severity of the misalignment plays a huge part in how many aligners a patient will need.

Does the treatment hurt?

At no point should the patient feel any pain that interrupts their day. Minimal discomfort is common due to the gentle pressure on the teeth, but nothing more should be felt. For those feeling as though their daily life is being affected by significant discomfort or pain, contacting the dental practice promptly is of the utmost importance as this should not be the case and guidance will, therefore, be needed.

Putting the financial concerns aside and receiving the treatment you want

Whilst the more modern aligners do come with a price, there are multiple finance options available to patients, from spreading the cost of treatment over a series of months to 0% finance plans. Working with the patient is always the dentist’s priority; therefore, it is always important to discuss the options available before you decide one way or another.