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Survey Says Canadians Love This Diamond Ring Design

Canada has been one of the largest producers of diamonds in the world, in fact ranking third back in 2006. Canadian Diamonds are of pure quality and highly regarded because of its manufacturing history from diamond mines that have one of the world’s highest environmental standards.

It is not at all a wonder that the Maple Leaf country holds dearly the idea of various diamond ring designs. This appeals to the many who belong to the population of to-be married, the engaged, or a collector.

With Canada marking their pride for CanadaMark diamonds, settlers opt for natural white diamonds. Despite the modernization, trends introducing a lot of fancy shape gems like oval and pear-cut stones, the majority of Canadians are still sticking to the classics, depicting a timeless statement piece like a hidden halo ring which is a subtle type.

What is the Diamond Ring Design Canadians fall head over heels for?

According to Alister McGill, a director of bridal and prestige jewelry at Birks, even new trends have surfaced as the time evolves, this is the Diamond Ring design a lot of women tend to have interest in.

The Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring radiates a classic and eternal impression specifically in engagements and weddings. Although this style has been altered to different kinds of modifications, like the princess-cut, this specific design has been the most sought until now.

Apart from the archetypal image this design has, diamonds are also a lasting piece of jewelry. In Mohs Ranking, Diamonds are the hardest stones among other gems like Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald that are also introduced in the market. This is why it is completely understandable that women tend to go for a simple and lasting statement piece. If the goal is to find the perfect everyday ring and invest in it, the gemstones that can meet the client’s expectations would be Diamond and Sapphire. If you are looking for a shiny investment option that could get you good market value in the next few years, a diamond can work for you better. You can learn more details on diamond investments through financial blogs such as Kerala Taxes or equivalent websites. As for delicate jewelry design, nothing beats the Classic Solitaire.


When it comes to diamond rings, we all know that we have a pile of options stacked in the corner. In every individual, there is a corresponding ring design. This is why many Canadians and other people around the globe, prefer having to go through customization. It really does depend on the occasion, wedding look, or eye for investment. Whether you want side stones surrounding the center stone or have a different gemstone to match your aesthetic, the Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring will still remain the alpha.

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