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Rachel Jenkins

The Expression of Love and Dating in Today’s World

The idea of love in today’s world is far different from how it once was. The role of online dating platforms has majorly changed the playing field for people wanting to date or possibly find love.

Let’s not get it wrong, of course there will still be high-school sweethearts and those that find love through other ways like friends, work or even family friends. Though it cannot be ignored that digital dating has revolutionized the idea of a couple meeting as we know it. People from around the globe could possibly find true love with one another without ever meeting thanks to various dating sites or applications, opening the chances of love for many, especially the younger generations of today. It is also proving beneficial for those wanting any kind of connection with others during this COVID-19 pandemic and the differing lockdown measurements countries may have. Dating online also means that there is the anticipation of finally meeting which can be exciting for new couples. One shows up with a Thornbury bouquet and a smile and it’s like they’ve been properly together for years when actually they’ve only been able to talk online.

Online Dating as a Whole

There are now many different dating sites and applications available, these can range from platforms to help people find casual partners, soulmates, mature dating, and those that can even cater to a select group of people such as faith-based dating, etc. The whole other side to online “dating” is the casual sex, and once again more diverse instances that can be targeted to the likes of swinging or even platforms for those that could perhaps wish to seek a sugar daddy, as well as so many more niche aspects. This is such a benefit to everyone in the world that could find love by searching for people that are like-minded while online dating.

The Success of Online Dating

Online dating certainly has exploded over the years, and it’s now in use by so many, non-stop all over the globe. It seems like every other day there is a new platform and sometimes it can be quite daunting to go through just because of the number of options that are provided. Of course, to get a bit of clarity, you can just head online and read reviews about the various dating sites and apps, like AdultFriendFinder (you can find out more on This way you might have an idea about what you’re heading into. Also because of its vast use and popularity, there can be many success stories of those that have found love while online and gone on to be a successful and thriving pairing with nice lives and families of their own. Some other people, though, may say that online dating is hopeless to find anything of significance, however, it can be easy enough to sign up for a platform that caters to who you are as a person and whatever it is you’re truly wanting to find at the time. It’s important to not be discouraged while online dating, because as with anything especially dating in general, you will get some good with the bad.

The Difference Now Compared to Earlier Years

Some people now feel that all forms of dating and love are online, simply due to how digital we have become in nature. Social media, the dating platforms themselves, even personal blogs can dive deep into a personal partnership or love life that should perhaps be left between the two (or more) people in question. The difference is back before online dating was a thing, dating wasn’t quite so pushed on a person, it was something that would happen because it was meant to, if you believe in that. Now with people proactively searching daily online for a partner of some kind, the chances of finding that spark with someone increase dramatically, just as it works the opposite way too due to the saturation of people you may find while online.

It has left some finding the other half to their heart, while others may not have so much luck. One thing for sure though, thanks to online dating people can search for somewhat exactly what they’re wanting considering a whole range of diversities, and that has completely changed how people can emotionally connect with each other compared to the days of lesser digital communication and connection across the world. Make no mistake, online dating certainly has changed a lot when it comes to what dating means for a person of today.