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Too afraid to go to the dentist?

People who have some degree of fear of going to the dentist are not alone, it is concluded that high dental fear in Australians can range from 8% to 18% of people experiencing the feeling, with cost, fear of needles and fear of pain being the leading causes. Those with mild or moderate fear were not recorded in this study, but one can only assume that this number is a considerable proportion of the population as well.

Dental fear can range from being anxious about an impending appointment, to casually putting off an occasional visit to full blown avoidance of the dentist for decades. Many measures are being taken by caring and non judgemental professionals in the hopes of allowing more people to benefit from having a healthier mouth that will be with them for a lifetime. If you have been putting it off, it may be time to check out a new dentist like Gentry Dentistry and see how they can help you through this in the best possible way so you are not constantly avoiding going.

Spa Dental Sydney CBD understands that the body is a holistic organism and as such, the mouth does not simply end there. Problems with the teeth and gums can result in issues presenting throughout the body and contraversely, illness and disease can lead to dental complications if not monitored and controlled.

Are there any examples of this?

One of the greatest examples is during the natural processes of puberty and pregnancy, hormones fluctuate and can lead to a multitude of changes within the body. Pregnant women should visit their dentist more frequently during these precious months as their teeth can be negatively impacted from these hormones.

Gum disease has been linked to heart disease with papers still being produced on a number of reasons as to why this could be. Some theories suggest that inflammation is the cause, with bacteria that leads to gum disease affecting the heart at the same time.

There are simply more and more studies bringing to light the many different and intimate connections that go on inside the human body that are only being discovered just now. By respecting and doing all that one can to understand these connections, then a better healthcare system can be provided to all patients who are looking to care for themselves

What can be done about it?

By ensuring that a dentist is interested in a patient’s entire wellbeing, a person can take the appropriate steps in working with their dentist to make their overall health and wellbeing better than it was before.

At an initial consultation, dentists will ask their patients about any previous dental work that has been done as well as ask questions about their medical history and their current habits and lifestyle.

By combining these factors and looking at the overall wellness of their teeth and gums, dentists are able to have an understanding of what they can do to help their patients maintain an appropriate level of dental hygiene and care to ensure that their smile remains healthy for their lifetime.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.