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Veneers in London offer a great way to instantly update your smile

Are you hoping to find a way to update your smile without resorting to major surgery or expensive cosmetic procedures? Veneers in London are a great option to consider as they offer a host of benefits in addition to an upgraded smile.

Veneers are clinically proven to be safe and will result in no major pain or discomfort following the procedure. Patients can look forward to enjoying a glowing smile with increased confidence.

How are dental veneers made, and how do they work?

Dental veneers are created out of an exceptionally durable resin that will last for many years to come. In some cases, veneers can also be made from porcelain. Veneers are tooth-coloured so that they can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, offering discreet results.

The veneer itself is shaped like a little shell and can be fitted directly onto the front of the patient’s tooth to help conceal any flaws. If you find that you have an imperfection, such as a stubborn stain or discolouration, that you would like to cover up, consider veneers.

How can a dental veneer help to improve the appearance of my smile?

The purpose of a dental veneer is to enhance the overall look of your smile and update the state of your teeth. Dental veneers offer a great way to conceal common dental flaws, such as cracks or even unflattering stains. In some cases, professional dental whitening may not be able to effectively remove stubborn staining, so veneers may be your best solution when looking for a way to conceal it.

Veneers or overlays, as they are commonly referred to, can be placed on the front of your teeth when fitted. Patients can choose to have a single veneer or multiple veneers depending on their personal preferences and specific needs.

The fitting process – what does it entail, and does it require surgery?

If you’re concerned about the fitting process of having dental veneers, fear not, it will not require any surgery. The process will take place at your local dental clinic and results in no pain or major discomfort.

The veneering process consists of having around five dental appointments with your local dentist, and this also includes an assessment. Other appointments will include a review as well as a photo shoot to highlight your smile journey and final results.

Dental veneers can correct a variety of dental issues

Did you know that veneers can assist patients in correcting a range of dental issues? Your smile may be one of the most important features of your face; therefore, it’s important that you feel proud of how it looks so that you can smile freely and with confidence.

Dental veneers can conceal visible stains that present themselves on your teeth as well as cover up discolouration. These two issues are fairly common, and many patients from all around the world experience one of these issues in their lifetime.

If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the state of your smile, consider dental veneers to upgrade the appearance of your teeth and whiten your smile.