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What are clear braces?

Clear Braces Direct London is specially designed to ensure that patients can combat the smile that they always wished that they had. Straight teeth can be achieved in a manner that is easier than ever before. Patients who wish that they had straighter teeth could benefit from this treatment. Clear braces are specially designed to fit over each person’s unique smile pattern to gently force the teeth into the correct position. The aligners are designed to be worn in a specific order to ensure that the smile moves in the correct way. They use a small amount of force to gently coax the teeth into the correct position. This article will outline how these aligners work as well as how patients can access the treatment to see if they are an ideal candidate for this treatment. Patients who wish that they had straighter teeth have many options but clear braces could be a great fit for them. Patients can be assured that they are in good hands when they consider this treatment.

How does the treatment work?

Clear Braces Direct London can give patients straighter teeth in as few as three steps. The first step is for patients to book their free Invisalign Scan, this will determine whether this unique smile is the right smile for this process. The scan can also allow patients to see how their smile will look after the process has taken place. The second step is to start the Invisalign smile journey, where patients wear their series of aligners to gradually force the teeth into the correct position. Patients will be taken through how to use their aligners correctly and ensure that their teeth get the help that they need. The third and final step is ensuring that the new smile that is created can be maintained. Often patients are given retainers which will maintain their smile for them. The next section of this article will discuss which patients would be the best fit for this treatment.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Patients who are considering this treatment are required to check that they are suitable for the treatment itself. Although every endeavour is made to help patients who want to have straighter teeth, not all teeth can use this treatment, so it is important to ensure that each candidate is suitable for the treatment. Patients can use the website to upload their smile to get a check on whether they could be a good fit for this treatment. Patients seeking this treatment who want to check whether this could be the treatment for them should upload two photographs. The first Full Face Selfie should be used to show a patient’s natural smile. The second photograph to be uploaded is the Smile Selfie where patients are required to show the upper and lower teeth with the back teeth together to get a more in-depth look of how the smile could benefit from this treatment. Potential patients could check out the website to read more about their chosen treatments. Potential patients could get in contact with Clear Braces Direct to discuss their options for how their smile could be improved.