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What are Private clients

At several firms in London they aim to work for a wide range of clients, including both small independent businesses, large international businesses and individuals who act as private clients. A wide variety of services are usually available for private clients such as: personal injury, divorce and family law, as well as employment, estate, and concerns, as well as injury within the workplace.

What is Personal injury?

Personal injury is an incident that may have happened to you at the fault of another business or individual that is considered to be legally responsible, individuals or businesses will then turn to a solicitor for legal guidance. The resolution to this incident is viewed in the form of financial means, compensation. The defendant is considered the liable party, and they will therefore pay the fee to the injured party who is considered the plaintiff. Personal injury can come in many forms ranging from an accusation towards the police, or a workplace incident.

Personal Injury

At many Solicitors within London they may offer the advantage of their clients not having to pay if they do not win their case, many solicitors may also offer a free consultation, if they feel confident you will choose them to support your case. It is recommended to choose firms which offer maximum compensation. Solicitors provide qualified professionals, who may have been assessed by the regulating body of the Solicitors regulation authority, some may also offer you a lexical accreditation which means they can provide the highest quality of legal care. Some firms may offer an extremely personal one to one approach, (which may be better suited for more complex cases) for our clients, meaning that they may also offer out of office hours, as they understand that your queries and concerns may be at any time, and  aim to accommodate this.

What kind of personal injury do solicitors cover?

At London Solicitor firms they should aim to offer a variety of cover for a multitude of incidents. Just a few examples of cover include general negligence, holiday accidents, product liability, as well as severe injuries and fatal accidents. At many solicitor firms within London is offered a one to one private approach to all of their clients, without exception. It should be fully understood that after accidents happen there is only a small window of time to claim and aim to resolve these disputes. In offering this specialised approach it helps to ensure clients receive the best possible form of legal aid. It is best for firms to make sure that even the managers are legally knowledgeable to offer you the best possible legal approach as understanding the way the legal system works can ensure that clients feel more confident, leading to a higher rate of success. Firms within London  have dealt with a wide variety of cases, including small workplace injuries, to more severe cases such as brain surgery. It is also an aim to provide clients with the highest level of compensation possible, which should be reflected within satisfied clients reviews, which are available for anyone to read on the solicitors website, it is recommended that clients view these before choosing a firm.