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Rachel Jenkins

What are you looking for in a dentist Richmond?

Human beings are social animals and are at their most vulnerable when they are suffering in pain and discomfort. At those times empathy helps and is most welcome. Modern dentistry requires the ability to recognise and understand the emotions of patients. The staff at this practice are all trained to recognise nervousness in patients and to provide comfort and kindness so as to help them relax. Continuity is another vital quality in the dental profession and this dentist Richmond has been under the same ownership for in excess of twenty five years. As a family community dentist they are proud to count multiple generations of families as their patients.

Welcome to the art of modern dentistry!

Dentistry today is designed to preserve and help you retain your teeth for your lifetime. It all starts with education! The staff will guide you in the most effective way to brush and floss your teeth. Oral hygiene is not about brushing your teeth, it’s about brushing your teeth properly. Using the right toothbrush that suits your teeth and gums is the right place to start. Employing the proper technique is vital to ensuring that your routine delivers a quality result. One set of adult teeth is all that you will get, so it is important to take care of them.

Your little ones

If you have children it is your responsibility that they learn from an early age the importance of oral hygiene. This dedicated friendly team is here to help you as part of their preventive dentistry program. Don’t be afraid to bring your children with you when you have an appointment, many of the staff have children so taking care of them while you receive treatment is all part of their service. Bringing your children in will help them to learn that the dental surgery is not a place to fear. Regular dental surgery visits allow them to become friendly with the staff so that when it comes to their turn for an examination they will be calm and relaxed. The earlier that the dental team get the opportunity to examine their mouths the sooner they will see if there are any problems that need attention.

All you need to maintain a healthy mouth

Irrelevant of age they have the team, equipment, knowledge and expertise to take care of your oral cavity and more. If you are unfortunate to require emergency dental treatment, they keep appointments available daily for just such an eventuality. If you have lost a tooth, the experienced team will assess your condition and provide you with a suitable solution, be it a bridge, dentures or a dental implant. Teeth whitening has become very popular but is best delivered by a qualified dental practitioner to avoid problems such as gum irritation or damage. This practice has been helping patients with dental misalignment for years using the latest unobtrusive dental aligners. You can rest assured that no matter what your dental condition is, they can help you.

Their training in anatomy

They are well trained in anatomy, especially your head, neck and shoulders. If you are looking to have some non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment they can provide the right treatment. At Sheen Dental, they have helped many patients feel happy and proud of their teeth and gums through their dental treatments. They are also proud of the youthful appearance that their experienced team has delivered to patients through safe anti-wrinkle treatments in well appointed treatment rooms.