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Rachel Jenkins

What is it like to be in an interracial relationship?

Every couple in an interracial relationship has their own stories to tell about their mixed relationship. Some are actually having a blast. Others, not so much. These experiences vary based on where the couple lives. There are those lucky ones who live in areas where interracial dating is widely accepted. Then there are those who can’t escape the stares and comments from intolerant people in society.

Whether we like it or not, interracial couples are on the rise. And we will be seeing more and more of these; thanks to interracial dating websites like which are making it possible for people from different worlds and races to connect.

So what are these relationships like?

Mixed love can be a great experience

Being in an interracial relationship can be one of the most beautiful and exhilarating experiences one can ever have. It all depends on how you look at it. Imagine two people from different cultures building this magical connection…

This mixing of cultures can be such a great learning experience for the couple. You get the opportunity to explore each other’s worlds. The food, the music, the language, and maybe even the experience in the bedroom. Who knows, looking at some of the videos on sites like Tube v Sex could help you to experiment in the bedroom and this can open a whole new world. So, if you are an open-minded person who always wants to embrace new stuff, then you are going to have a blast.

You might go places…

Because of interracial dating sites, people are finding love overseas. And when you find this love, you get to travel to meet or be with this special someone. Take the example of someone from the U.S. finding love in Africa and having to go there…

Now I here that place is amazing. There are animal safaris you can go to where you get to see animals and stuff. And if your timing is right, you can go see the infamous wildebeest migration or go snorkeling in their oceans if you meet someone near the coastal towns. Amazing, right? And a plus is that you get to experience different traditions and foods.

Not everyone will accept your interracial relationship

It is sad that there are racists amongst us. Sometimes this rejection might even be closer to home – from our family members and friends. There will always be that someone who will make those snappy comments about your relationship.

The best approach is not to take it personally. Some people are just who they are.

Some interracial couples have been forced to make a tough decision because of such rejection – family or love? Now, this is where your love gets tested. You need to be a strong together. But if you are in it for love, then love always wins the day with time.

You might have to deal with race issues as a couple

Now being in an interracial relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that the race question is completely out. Even as a couple, situations might arise where you have to talk about race as a couple. You might have different approaches to race issues.

For instance, what one partner might see as racism, the other might see it as a joke. Instead of getting defensive or pouting, speak about it. If something offended you, explain to your partner why it felt offensive. Being open about it solves a lot of things.

The best partner will always stand up for you

Let’s take the example of a family member or friend who always makes bad comments about your partner’s race. Such instances are the ones that really show you whether your love is for keeps. If this person stands up for you immediately and tells off these people, then he is for keeps. If he or she makes excuses for their friend’s behavior, then maybe it’s time to rethink the whole relationship.


The thing with mixed relationships is, as a couple, you have to be a team. You also have to embrace your own cultural differences. Compromise is one thing you can never take out of the equation. You might have to give up some of your traditions or embrace new ones.

Race makes some people uncomfortable. So you have to be prepared to deal with all this as a couple. However, you need not be scared. This is something you may not have to deal with.

All you need to remember is for any interracial relationship to work, love and respect are key.