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When you should visit Spa Dental Sydney CBD in Sydney CBD for braces

When someone mentions the topic of braces everyone naturally assumes that they’re something only children would wear. Which makes sense, as we’re more malleable at a young age as we’re still growing, so having a child wear a brace is a fairly common thing as it can help straighten their teeth as they develop.

But did you know that having a brace when you’re older can provide a range of health benefits?

For those that are unsure whether they would benefit from a brace, here’s a few signs to keep an eye out for that might mean you should drop by somewhere, like Spa Dental Sydney CBD in Sydney CBD, to be fitted for braces.         

Trouble with speaking

One of the most common and fairly noticeable signs that you require braces is if you’re having problems talking, saying certain phrases or there’s a whistling noise whenever you speak. There can also be a verbal stumbling where you trip over your words as your mouth struggles to move correctly to shape out the sounds.

Crowded or crooked teeth

Another fairly common sign that you should shop for braces is if you have any crowded or crooked teeth. Although you may not notice this at first, over time our teeth naturally move, so if they’re misaligned it’s only going to become more obvious as you get older.

Having a brace fitted will allow your dentist to slowly straighten them into a nicer looking position through the gentle application of force directed to your teeth from the appliance.

Chronic jaw issues

Although a subtler symptom, having ongoing problems with your jaws might be a hint that you need braces. Throughout our day and as we sleep, we unconsciously clench our teeth to cope with stress. Having misaligned teeth means that pressure from pressing your jaws together is spread unequally around your mouth and these points of force can lead to weakened muscles, cracked teeth or pain in the muscles of your jaw.

Difficulty eating

To close this list, there’s one final sign to keep your eye on. If you’re having problems eating or chewing your food, you should definitely get in touch with your dentist.

Why this is an issue is that our teeth are formed in such a way that they cut up our food into manageable digestible chunks for our stomach. But when your teeth are crooked, you’re leaving much larger pieces to break down, so more time is spent digesting your meals, which leaves you with that horrible bloated feeling for a lot longer.

Another side-effect of this is that it can also potentially lead to further stomach problems later in life.  Because your digestion system has to work double duty to work through your meals, the amount of acid increases, which can lead to problems like lengthy feelings of indigestion, ulcers and irritation of your gut wall.

In closing, these are just a few signs that might hint that you require braces. If you’re still unsure or you think you may be showing some of these symptoms, then do not hesitate to book an appointment with your local practice.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.