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Why Should Couples Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels?

Getting away for a couple’s break can be great, but you need to think just as much about where you’re staying as where you’re going. Your first impulse is probably to search for hotels, but here are just a few reasons why serviced apartments make a better option for couples.

Space to Spread Out

Whether you’re going on a quick city break or staying put for a few weeks, going somewhere as a couple means more than simply seeing the sights in a new location. You also have a great chance to deepen your bond. There’s no work to get in the way and no other friends or obligations jostling for your attention. Oddly enough, it’s when away from home that two people have the most time for each other.

With a serviced apartment, you can make the most of that time. There’s a fully-fitted kitchen where you can cook and eat together and a living area where you can relax during the evening. Those are amenities that hotel rooms don’t generally provide.


Even if you do get a hotel room with plenty of space to spend time together, you won’t feel any sense of privacy – after all, your hotel will probably be accommodating many other people, perhaps hundreds more. When you go away for a romantic couple’s break, you want the place you’re staying to feel like your own little home away from home, and you only get that cozy sense of privacy when you book a serviced apartment.


When planning to spend quality time together, the last thing you want is any hindrances, such as unsightly rooms. Opting for a pristine accommodation, perhaps achieved with professional cleaning services, becomes crucial, and fortunately, serviced apartments fit this description perfectly. They are meticulously maintained, ensuring spotless and inviting spaces for a delightful stay, free from any disappointments or inconveniences.

These accommodations often enlist the assistance of companies similar to Stratus Building Solutions, which can provide satisfactory commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH, and nearby locations to keep the property looking its best. Put simply, the level of cleanliness in serviced apartments is so impeccable that you won’t experience continuous sneezing due to dusty carpets or skin rashes caused by curtains.

Romantic Location

Finally, keep in mind that serviced apartments are generally a little more romantic and intimate than hotels. This is partly because hotel rooms are decorated rather impersonally while serviced apartments feel more like actual homes, but it’s also down to the physical location of each establishment.

In general, hotels are built far from the center of town. In contrast, most serviced apartments are found right in the centre of a city, and they’re often converted from charming period buildings.

If you are looking for an accommodation option that can provide you with the perfect amalgamation of privacy, warmth, amenities, and cleanliness, then it would be suggested that you check out serviced apartments. You can find a plenty of options near your by looking up about them on the Web or asking your family and friends.